I'm Andrea Wesche- a professional photographer located outside of Missoula, Montana. I primarily work in the Pacific Northwest but am willing to travel world wide.

Here are some things I would love you to know about me:
~ I love Jesus
~ I am head over heels in love with my husband David and our quirky labradoodle Gunther.
~I grew up on a farm and absolutely adore animals. My favorites are sloths, elephants and alpacas.
~Thrifting and yard saling are my favorite ways to shop.
~ I believe you should seize every opportunity you can to travel and explore.
~ Napping is my favorite way to relax.
~ Don't worry about what other people think. Let your weird shine!

My aesthetic style is natural and vibrant. I prefer shooting in nature utilizing natural light. Whenever I work with clients I want them to feel confident and comfortable. I coach them through the most flattering natural poses and if something feels awkward then we change it. I believe people look best when they are at ease. I prefer shooting medium and close ups because I love the intimacy and emotions they capture. 
I am a pet friendly photographer and love to incorporate animals into photo shoots.

I have bachelor of art degrees in Media Arts and Communications. What does that mean? Well, it means that I not only have a technical background in photography, but also in graphic design and cinematography. My communications degree allows me to be a competent communicator and work effectively with people of different backgrounds and cultures.